by Selvin's Novelty Orchestra

Sheet Music Cover courtesy of Lester Levy Sheet Music Collection This tune, co-written by Harry Williams and Neil Moret, was a fairly sizeable hit in late 1919. It was issued on many different labels in one form or another. This version was issued on the obscure Claxtonola label (out of Iowa City, Iowa), and may have been recorded at the Paramount studios in December of 1919, by the not-so-obscure Ben Selvin's band. The arrangment is typical for the period - the melody is established, then the band hangs back to allow a single instrument to play the melody line with no embellishments, and the band comes roaring back for the finale - firmly in the style of the pre-blues dance orchestra. This could be considered the "last gasp" of the Ragtime orchestra sound. The recording is a bit strident compared to other labels of the period, with the band pretty far from the horn as well, but that is helped with some EQ (in addition to the noise reduction) and this rare side comes to life.
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