"The Fuzzy Wuzzy Bird"

by Zez Confrey and his Orchestra

Best known for "Kitten on the Keys," recordings of which have been in reissue for some years, Edward Elzear Confrey also recorded many other tunes which have been perhaps undeservedly obscure. Here's one recorded on November 10 of 1922 at Victor's studios in New Jersey. It was written by Harold Weeks, also known for "Chong" and "Hindustan," though it sounds close to Confrey's own writing style. The popularity of the tune was short-lived: four other recordings were made before the end of '22, most notably by Ben Selvin and Isham Jones, and nothing more. As with Confrey's other performances, the interplay of rhythm and melody make for an entertaining listen. The record had been played just a couple of times so the grooves were still fairly smooth. Very little noise reduction was needed. (A thumbnail biography of Zez Confrey can be found at "Perfesser Bill".)
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