"My Wife's Gone To The Country - Hooray! Hooray!"

by Collins and Harlan

Courtesy of the Lester Levy Collection This delightful song is one of Irving Berlin's early gems (he co-wrote this, actually, with George Whiting and Ted Snyder). It takes a truly eternal subject matter - an uncomfortable marraige - and pokes gentle fun at it. Even the recording, a Columbia disc recorded in July of 1909 (this is the Oxford pressing, which was sold through the Sears-Roebuck catalog), sounds vital and fresh - it gives a glimpse of how much fun Collins and Harlan must have been to watch on stage - indeed, how much fun Vaudeville must have been when at its peak nearly 100 years ago. Lyrics for this song can be found here (now housed at "archive.org" after the original site, "Doc Wilson's Turn-Of-the-Century Stuff", went into the Black Hole of Data) - also, further reading about Arthur Collins can be found at Tim Gracyk's web site, and an equally scholarly write-up about Irving Berlin, found at the Atlantic Monthly site, is highly recommended.
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