"Mary Don't You Weep"

by the Georgia Yellow Hammers

Country music is at its best when it's simple and infectious. This group recorded for Victor throughout the mid and late 20's, and while some of those sides were reissued by Rounder Records years ago (that LP is, itself, out of print), this 1927 waxing didn't get a deserved reissue. Featured fiddler Bud Landress takes the songwriting credit for this song, though it was recorded as a traditional song as early as 1915, probably because there are three new verses in this version that refer to the Yellow Hammers specifically. Landress appears elsewhere in this archive playing "Furniture Man". This particular record is worn toward the end, but it's still a joyous ride. (For further reading: a page at the "Folk Music Index" lists their reissued discography, while over at the Smithsonian Institution web site a page about the Baxters mentions the Yellow Hammers in passing - lastly, a review of "Folks He Sure Do Pull Some Bow" has a paragraph about the Yellow Hammers in the middle of the page.)
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