"You Tell Her - I Stutter"

by Van and Schenck

Courtesy of Hourglass Antiques The first hit song for Cliff Friend, co-writing here with Billy Rose (co-wrote "A Cup of Coffee, A Sandwich, And You" and became a Broadway producer in later decades), had a couple of incarnations - this is the second one of the two. I've had an earlier version of this song performed by the "Happiness Boys" posted in the archive for a few years, but this version was recorded a month later (November 13, 1922) and had a different set of lyrics. This version was the one that became the hit of the season, and if anyone remembers the song this is probably the version they'll recall. Gus Van and Al Schenck, recording for Columbia at the time, handled it in the brash and carefree way that made them stars in the early 20s. This particular copy was played quite a bit, so some static had to be filtered out, though it was certainly good enough to save and is now clear enough to enjoy again.
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