"Pretty Puppy"

by the Happiness Boys (Billy Jones and Ernest Hare)

Most fans of this irrascible pair will have heard the Victor recording of this song that they made in August of 1925. This is from a month later, for the Regal label on September 11 of that year, and is an acoustic recording unlike the Victor waxing which was electric. The piano accompanist is Dave Kaplan (of "Kaplan's Melodists"), the same as the Victor issue. The song pokes fun at the wild popularity of "Yes We Have No Bananas" from two years earlier, making this a kind of sequal: other songs like "Hot Roasted Peanuts" also tried to become the sequal for "Bananas" but never came close to being as popular. This tune was written by Con Conrad who co-wrote "Margie" and "Prisoner of Love", along with bandleader Ben Bernie who was known for co-writing "Sweet Georgia Brown" (these two also co-wrote "The Co-Ed" and "Headin' for Baltimore" together). The record itself had some issues with worn grooves at the beginning due to rough treatment, but that subsides pretty fast and the rest of the disc has relatively little surface noise.
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