"Oh Mary Don't You Weep"

by the Utica Institute Jubilee Singers

This traditional song was to be recorded many times, the first being for Columbia in 1915 by the Fisk University Singers and then for Okeh in 1921 by the Virginia Female Singers. Victor would record two versions of it in the late 20s: one by the Georgia Yellow Hammers (featured elsewhere in these archives), and this version by the Utica Jubilee Singers recorded on April 24 of 1928. It's a rhythmic and sweetly sung rendition, and I personally like it a lot despite the noise on this well-worn copy. While all of their recordings have been reissued on CD by Document, the copy they used for this recording was in even worse shape than mine so I'm posting this sample despite its flaws. Noise reduction tamed the worst of it, making it more listenable than before.
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