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In Your Arms Tricks [hinge graphic] Home Again Blues Marriage Blues
Sweet Mama (Papa's Gettin' Mad) You're In Kentucky [hinge graphic] Down Among the Sleepy Hills of Tennessee You Said Somethin' When You Said Dixie
Menner Menner Von Bais Duwed Peggy [hinge graphic] My Baby Knows How No Use Crying
Speedy Boy Who Wouldn't? [hinge graphic] Hoosier Sweetheart Rocky Road to Dublin
My Girl Pearl Rondo Capriccioso [hinge graphic] Danse Arlequin Somewhere in Dixie
Are You Sorry Smile All the While [hinge graphic] Charleston Baby of Mine Sonya
The Musical Yankee Rube and the Country Doctor [hinge graphic] Along the Rainbow Trail Baby Blue Eyes
Chicago Falling [hinge graphic] Teach Me How Ma! Medley
On a Little Side Street Uncle Josh on an Automobile [hinge graphic] Florida Lulu Belle
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